Ultra Glass Media 20KG

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What is it?

  • A High-Tech Filter Media
  • Virgin plate-glass (no bottle glass)
  • Developed by Ultra Water in their laboratory in Dunoon
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Slightly negative charge attract particles (released on backwash)

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Ultra Glass Filter Media
What is is for?

    • Substitute for Silica Filter Media
    • To begin taking advantage of the benefits of Glass Filter Media:
      • Remove old filter media
      • Fill with Glass Filter Media
      • Start normal operations
    • Water Savings!:
      • Reduced Backwash time
      • Approximately 50% savings
      • Fewer Backwashes needed
    • Energy (and equipment) Savings:
      • Less friction loss
      • Increased filtered water volume
      • Less Equipment Maintenance
    • Chemical Cost Savings:
      • Flocculent products
      • Disinfection products
      • PH control products
    • Longer Life Span
      • Silica lasts 3 – 5 years, glass media will last 15 years
      • A single grain type is used, filters can be emptied for maintenance and the same media can be reused.
    • Increased Quality and Hygiene:
      • Reduces the presence of bacteria
      • Does not build up a biofilm
      • Reduced Chloramines & presence of disinfectants
    • Longer Life Span
      • The facility performs more efficiently, reducing environmental impact
      • Glass Media is 100 % recyclable

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Ultra Glass Filter Media 20 KG Bag Grading: 0.597-1.4 mm, Ultra Glass Filter Media 20 KG Bag Grading: 1.4-2 mm