RUNXIN F117Q Automatic Softener


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RUNXIN F117Q Automatic Softener Valve

RUNXIN F117Q Automatic Softener Valve 3/4″ 2.5″/ 2(m3/H)

Technical Parameters:

  • Water Pressure———————————————-0.15—0.6MPa
  • Water Temperature—————————————–5℃-50℃
  • Transformer Output——————————————-DC12V、1.5A
  • Water Turbidity———————————————–Down-flow regeneration<5FTU
  • Inlet/Outlet—————————————————–3/4″F
  • Drain————————————————————1/2″M
  • Brine Line Connector—————————————3/8″M
  • Base————————————————————-2.5″-8NPSM
  • Riser Pipe——————————————————1.05 ″OD
  • Max Flow Rate————————————————-2 m3/h
  • Suitable Tank Size (in)————————————— 6″~12″

Product Characteristics:

  • More reliable open/close way
  • Long-term outage indicates
  • Interlock function
  • Icon lock function
  • Mainboard and display board integrate, no need wirings, easy to after-sales.
  • Optocoupler locate, simple and makes locating board universal


Model 65503(F117Q1)
Installation Top-mounted
Inlet/outlet 3/4″F
Drain 3/4″ NPT
Brine line connector 3/8″ M
Base 2.5″-8NPSM
Riser pipe 1.05″OD
Water treatment capacity 3 m³/h
Tank diameter range 6″~12″
Water pressure 0.15MPa~0.6MPa
Water temperature 5℃~50℃
Water turbidity Down flow regeneration<5FTU
Power adapter Input AC100~240V/50~60Hz
Output DC12V/1.5A