5000 LPH RO System


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5000 Litres Per Hour Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Compared with the common ion exchange and distilling method, the RO membrane water purification system is more efficient, cost-saving, and reliable. The reverse osmosis system is currently the most sophisticated water filtration technology. The reverse osmosis membrane retains inorganic molecules such as dissolved salts and organic substances with a molecular weight greater than 100. On the other hand, water molecules can pass through the reverse osmosis membrane freely, and desalination is 96%-99%

It is widely applied in electronics, power, photo-voltaic, beverage, medicine, chemical, petroleum industries, middle water recycling, and seawater desalination, etc.

5000 Litres Per Hour Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Advantages Of Reverse Osmosis System

  • Cost-saving
  • Desalination at 96%-99%
  • Reduced the pressure and noise from the pump


precision filterprevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into the RO membrane, accuracy is 5um
High-pressure pumpProvide the high pressure for RO membrane
Reverse Osmosis systemthe main part of the plant. The RO membrane’s desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 99% of ions
UV sterilizerkill bacteria


Voltage220V/50Hz,220V/60Hz, Single phase
Membrane Qty5pcs
Temp of raw water1-45℃
Feed Water Pressure1-5 bar
Raw water TDS0-1000ppm
Application raw waterTap water, Brackish water, Seawater
RO MembraneVontron, Dow
Item nameMaterial
Pressure gaugeassembly
RO Membrane housingFRP
Pure FlowmeterPlexiglas Panel
waste FlowmeterPlexiglas Panel
Conductivity meterengineering plastics
Pressure switchbrass
 inlet valvebrass
flush valvebrass
Regulating valvebrass
UV sterilizerSS304
Electronic control systemair switch.electric relay.alternating current contractor.switch.LED
control boxSS304 /Mild Steel
pipelineUPVC 3/4”